Posted by: brentatent12 | August 30, 2009

Successful Ad

An example of what I believe to be a successful ad.

An example of what I believe to be a successful ad.

I believe that this is a successful Ad.  It is visually appealing with a range of colours, and utilizes negative space well.  The image of the Zune HD reminds me of of Apple’s cover flow in the way the different views of it are presented.  The Ad is trying to market a particular image; it’s trying to convey the message that Microsoft can produce a slick looking product just like the Apple iTouch.  Principle four of the Seven Principles of Visual Literacy, visual messages are conveyed through both form and content, may be found in this Ad.  Not only does the Ad have images of the Zune HD, the product which is being sold, but there layout is also very pleasing to the eye.  The Ad elicits anticipation for the Zune HD—at the time of this writing the Zune HD has not yet been released.  The Ad relies on the viewer to have a basic knowledge of technology; more specifically, knowledge of what mp3 players are currently available on the market.  Microsoft is most well known for its Windows computers and X-Box game consoles.  Its logo is very simple and easily recognizable along with its Windows logo as well.  McCann-Erickson is the advertising agency responsible for Zune Ads.  Other companies they have worked for include Sony, MasterCard, and Salvation Army among others.  The target audience for the Zune HD will be anyone interested in touchscreen enabled portable mp3 players, this user base consisting mainly of teenagers and young adults.  Overall, I find the Ad to be successful—it inspires interest about the product and could help to prompt further research and possibly facilitate a later purchase.  It is pleasing to the eye and has a balanced use of visual elements.



  1. I thought your comment about the ad representing Apple’s cover flow was interesting. When I saw the ad, I did feel a sense of familiarity but I didn’t immediately associate it with cover flow.

    I agree with your comment about the good use of negative space for the most part, but I do feel like the added simplicity of removing the multi-colored Zunes from the bottom left corner would make the ad sleeker.

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