Posted by: brentatent12 | August 30, 2009

Unsuccsessful Ad

An example of what I believe to be an unsuccessful ad.

An example of what I believe to be an unsuccessful ad.

I did not find this Ad very appealing.  I do not find the visual elements to be particularly strong, in fact, I don’t feel they help to promote the product being advertised well at all.  The Ad is for an energy drink, yet there is only a small image of the drink located on the bottom right-hand corner of the ad, while the majority of the image is filled by a table which a handbag prominently adorns.  To me, the image seems very confused.  It has a charisma of class and fashion to it, however, it seems more to me like the ad company is trying to promote a lifestyle more than a beverage.  This image is well described by the second principle of visual literacy; visuals are carefully arranged views of reality, not reality itself.  The Ad tries to evoke the feeling of a Hollywood actresses’ lifestyle, so you can interpret it two ways—either purchasing this energy drink will allow you to enjoy a rarified lifestyle, or only the wealthy can spare money on an unnecessary beverage.  The Ad elicits surprise for me—it seems like something which at first look, has deep and profound meeting, but upon closer examination is realized to be a sham.  The Ad does not appear to rely on any background knowledge from the viewer.  TAB Energy Drink is a subsidiary of Coca-cola which has an extremely distinctive logo.  The Ad for TAB was created by KIRSHENBAUM BOND + PARTNERS, USA, New York.  They have also worked on Ads for Biore and Starz Entertainment among others.  I believe the target audience for TAB Energy Drink is supposed to be women.  Overall, I found the Ad to be visually confusing and ultimately unsuccessful, because of the visuals used in its composition, its undefined tone, and it’s unclear subject matter.

Starz Logo

Biore Ad



  1. I opened up this blog post to comment on it when there were several other people in my room. The ad immediately sparked a conversation, as everyone tried to reason through what the advertisers were trying to do. In the end, nobody could figure it out. I agree with what you said about the company trying to evoke a glamorous feel. I think, overall, the ad would make more sense if it said “Fake is for last night, not your energy drink.” and then featured the martini glass with a bottle of tab in place of the handbag. In my opinion, the handbag reference is the largest fault in the ad (however there are certainly other ones that you addressed).

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